Brick Tinting Test Panel on Listed Property

Location: Kensington
Date of work: July 2017

The Problem

The owners of this listed building in Kensington had no idea that the years of dirt, grime and carbonation were considered to be part of its character when they instructed a contractor to clean it.

Whilst the owners considered that they were returning the property to its former glory, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s Building Conservation Officer was of a different opinion and instructed the owners to “age” the brickwork to match the neighbouring building.

The Solution

In order to comply with the Building Conservation Officer’s requirements the main contractor requested that brick staining was carried out to a test panel for the Officer’s inspection and acceptance.

Using a custom colour Total Wall Care Colour Matching tint was prepared on site and applied by one of our brick tinting technicians.

We are waiting to hear the final decision from the Council… these things can take some time!

* The colour of the brick staining in the photographs is slightly darker than the neighbouring bricks because it is still wet