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Total Wall Care® is a range of products, developed by Steadfast Specialist Products, for cleaning repairing, restoring and protecting brick and stone walls. Combining innovation with tried and tested components and methods, we have put together a range of products that are suitable for both the competent DIYer and the trade professional.

Total Wall Care Brick Repair Mortar is a ready to use repair mortar used to restore bricks that have suffered damaged from impact, frost, render removal, wall tie failure etc. It comes in a wide range of common brick colours and we also provide a custom colour matching service at special request. This exceptional quality repair mortar can be worked to replicate almost any style and texture of brick and will also closely match the natural properties of brick such as allowing the brick to breathe whilst remaining weatherproof.

Our Colour Matched Crack Injection Mortar was specially developed to repair narrow cracks.

The Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tint puts professional tinting methods dating back decades into the hands of DIYers as well as trade professionals. Unlike paint which coats and seals the surface, our Colour Matching Tint acts as a stain becoming one with the building material.

Our colour matching tint comes in a wide range of pre-mixed colours and has been developed for brick tinting, recolouring mortar joints and tinting natural stone. In fact, Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tint can be used on any porous building material and it will not change its texture. Being vapour permeable, it will also allow the substrate to breathe, retaining it’s natural characteristics. Custom colours can be created at special request.

Note – Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tint is not suitable for tinting “closed” surfaces such as marble or surfaces that have previously been treated with waterproofing products.

Total Wall Care Colour Matched Pointing Mortar is exactly what it says on the tub. A high quality lime pointing mortar in a range of common colours and for when one of our standard colours isn’t suitable a custom colour matching service is also available.

The range of Cleaners and Protectants include Biocide Cleaner, Graffiti Remover, Anti-Graffiti Coating and Storm Pro weather protection.

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