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  • Efflorescence Cleaner

    Efflorescence Cleaner 1L Jerry Sq Trans 500px

    Total Wall Care Efflorescence Cleaner. For neutralising and removing efflorescence and salt deposits from brick, stone and concrete.

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  • Biocide Cleaner

    Biocide Cleaner 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Total Wall Care Biocide Cleaner is a biocide suitable for wide-ranging use. Removes algae, lichen, mould, moss etc.

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  • Delicate Cleaner

    Delicate Stone Cleaner 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Delicate stone cleaner suitable for delicate stone materials. Recommended specially for removing “black crusts”.

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  • Graffiti Remover

    Graffiti Remover 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Total Wall Care Graffiti Remover is Ideal for removing graffiti from stone brick, concrete, metal, glass etc.

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  • Anti-Graffiti

    Anti-Graffiti Coating 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Total Wall Care – Anti-Graffiti is a protective, water-based, anti-graffiti coating for brick, concrete, stone etc.

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  • Alkaline Cleaner

    Alkaline Cleaner 5L Sq Trans 500px

    A powerful, alkaline cleaner for compact carbonate stone. Effectively removes grease and oily substances.

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  • Oil Stain Stop

    Oil Stain Stop 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Water and oil-repellent protective coating with biocide function. Protects walls from water and oil without altering their colour.

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  • Storm Pro

    Picture of a 2.5L Jerry Can of Total Wall Care Storm Pro water-repellant protective coating.

    Storm Pro is an eco-friendly, water repellent coating that protects against frost, salt water, airborne pollution etc.

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  • Storm Pro Plus

    Picture of a 5L jerry can of Total Wall Care Storm Pro Plus

    Deep penetrating, siloxane water repellent with added biocide. Protects against acid rain and other pollutants.

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  • Stabiliser

    Stabiliser 5L Sq Trans 500px

    Total Wall Care Stabiliser protects and consolidates materials such as sandstone, brick, limestone, plaster etc.

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