Liquid Applied Elastomeric Membranes for Sealing, Waterproofing and Coating Concrete

Founded in 1966, Resiplast have been a market leader in the development and supply of synthetic resins for the construction industry for over 50 years. Resiplast have built a very strong reputation for their premium products, innovation and extensive knowledge worldwide. Steadfast are proud to have been selected as their exclusive partner for the UK market.

Resiplast’s product range of synthetic resin systems are made of high-quality epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate. Often referred to in the industry as PMMA or PUMA technology, the resins are used for coating and/or waterproofing concrete, stone, metal and other building substrates and can also be used to resurface over asphalt walkways.
Applied by hand, Polyurethane MethylMethAcrylate systems usually comprise of a primer, membrane, wear layer and top coat and provide an extremely versatile protective coating solution.

Benefits include:

  • Fast curing – Cures in as little as 30 minutes – minimal disruption. Areas can be returned to service within a couple of hours.
  • Can be applied in varying temperatures – as low as -20oC and up to 30oC
  • Extremely durable – can be built up in layers for added protection
  • Incredibly flexible – suitable for areas where natural movement of the substrate is prevalent such as outside, open steps, thermal movement.
  • Wide range colours and finishes – any RAL colour, coatings can be smooth, textured, anti-slip, decorative.
  • Can be applied vertically as well as horizontally.

Typical applications include:

  • Coating and Waterproofing balconies, steps and walkways
  • Resin Flooring – factories, shops, breweries, warehouses
  • Resurfacing public walkways, foot bridges, steps etc
  • Rapid repair of bituminous surfaces such as tarmac and asphalt e.g. pothole repair
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Coating bridges
  • Repair and protection of concrete works on motorways
  • Protection from Concrete Spalling