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Polyac RAPID – Internal Communal Floor Coating

Client Name: Northampton Partnership Homes
Location: Northampton
Date of work: Feb 2020

The Problem

The existing vinyl internal floor covering in over sixty residential blocks of flats in Northampton was old and very well worn. In a number of places, particularly where tiles had been used, the flooring was lifting, causing trip hazards.

The majority of the walkways and stairs were of concrete construction but some of the stairs were timber and the client specified that the finish in all areas should look and perform the same with durability and ease of cleaning being key requirements. The Housing Association properties were also very busy with residents going about their daily lives so an internal floor coating solution that could be applied with minimal disruption to tenants was required.

The Solution

Following the removal of all existing floor coverings, a bespoke Steadfast Polyac RAPID system for internal areas provided the perfect communal floor coating solution.

Because each layer of Polyac product used in the system cures within 20 to 30 minutes, it is trafficable between coats. Therefore residents are able to go about their daily business with minimal disruption.

On our recommendation a slightly modified version of the Polyac RAPID system 3 was implemented with different primers used for the concrete and timber. Fleece mesh was used over timber joins to protect against cracking and to provide a seamless finish. Polyac 55 was then applied for levelling purposes. Once cured, the clients chosen colour of grey Polyac BDM membrane was applied. This was then broadcast with Domino fleck to provide the required decorative finish. The entire area was then sealed with Polyac 61.

For health and safety requirements, new aluminium bullnoses were fitted to the steps.

The client and the residents were very pleased with the result.

To find out more about the Polyac Rapid system please see the application page here.