Stone Repair to Bay Window

Location: Oxford
Date of work: May 2016

The Problem

Water ingress, due to badly deteriorated asphalt, had caused the reinforcing steel in this Victorian bay window to oxidise. The continual expansion of rust then caused the stonework to spall leading to further water ingress and further damage to the stonework.

The Solution

All loose material including roofing materials were removed and the roof section was repaired ensuring that it was water-tight.

The existing steel were then shot-blasted to remove all traces of rust. The steels were then treated with Anti-rust.

In order to provide additional reinforcement and support, HelicalFix ties were inserted into the existing stonework and long helical bars were run across the width of the bay window and tied back into the brickwork.

Kalx Stone Repair Mortar was then applied in layers to build up the repair. The repair mortar is applied proud and then modelled using traditional stone masonry tools and techniques.

The bay window was then decorated using anti-carbonation paint.