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Steadfast work in close partnership with one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of precision engineered helical bar products to bring you our HelicalFix range of  helical masonry reinforcement products.

Helical bar, often referred to as helifix or helibar, is manufactured from high tensile, austenitic stainless steel wire that is cold twisted and has a deep and continuous helix providing a high fin profile. This provides substantially more surface area than traditional rebar providing an excellent key for chemical bonding agents.

With proven, successful and reliable installation spanning back several decades, helical reinforcement bar has a tensile strength that is twice that of normal stainless steel, and has unique torsional elastic yield characteristics particularly when combined with thixotropic, cementitious grout which locks between the fins and bonds to the masonry.

Bed Joint Reinforcement, where helical bar is bonded into slots cut into the bed joint, redistributes structural loads and has a wide range of forms and applications for strengthening and stabilising masonry in both remedial and new build situations.

Pinning, using both grouted and non-grouted methods utilises helical rods in various lengths and diameters and is used in situations where masonry needs to be reconnected such as replacing wall ties, reconnecting internal walls and tying rubble filled walls.

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