PUMA Rapid Dressing - Road Surface Dressing

Suitable for surface dressing most road substrates including hot rolled asphalt, stone, mastic and concrete.

PUMA Rapid Road Surface Dressing Kit 265px

PUMA Rapid Dressing is a fast curing, resin based road surface dressing and provides a low-friction, anti-slip surface.

PUMA RAPID is a range of road repair products that have been specifically designed with speed of application and return to service in mind. Utilising PUMA, fast curing resin technology, means that there is no need for hot trades and preparation, application and return to service time is kept to a minimum.

PUMA Rapid Dressing is a liquid applied, bitumen free, fast curing, high modulus, thermosetting resin system for repairing damage to bituminous and concrete road surfaces.
Application is quick and easy requiring minimum labour. Following application, the road can be cleared for traffic after just 30 minutes. This greatly reduces the cost and disruption of repairs over traditional methods.

PUMA Rapid Surface Dressing provides a low-friction, anti-slip surface and is ideal as a finishing coat for PUMA Rapid Patch pothole repair.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be applied at low temperatures
  • No hot trades required
  • Road can be returned to service within 30 minutes
  • Limited preparation
  • Consolidates repair zone and surrounding area
  • Compatible with PUMA Rapid Patch
More Information:

Coverage rate – 1.25m² to 2.5m2 x 5mm dependant on road surface texture.