T-Fix - Epoxy Putty Glue

T-Fix is an epoxy putty with a simple mixing ratio, suitable for gluing, filling, moulding and repairing.

T-Fix Epoxy Putty Glue

T-FIX is an extremely versatile and strong epoxy putty / epoxy glue / epoxy filler. It is waterproof and can even be applied underwater. It provides an instant water plug and sticks to wood, stone, concrete metal and grp.

T-FIX cures in 12 hours and has good chemical resistance to alkalis, petroleum derivatives, acid, diluted organic acids, salts and solutions.

T-FIX is fully mechanically loadable after 4 days and chemically loadable after 7 days.

After it has cured, T-FIX can be painted or mechanically worked.

T-FIX is an extremely versatile product and an invaluable addition to every trade professionals kit.

Watch the video below to see some examples of T-FIX’s many uses…

Uses include:

  • Filling cracks, holes, leaks and joints.
  • Patching compound for concrete, wood, brick masonry and metal.
  • Non shrinking seal to prevent seepage around pipes.
  • Filling of damaged concrete where reinforcing rods are exposed and corroded.
  • Water stop*
  • Bonding different materials together
  • Excellent for marine use even below the waterline

* T-FIX is an instant water plug, stopping seeping water and the flow of water immediately. If a build up of pressure is suspected, then the source of the pressure should be suspended until the product has achieved its initial cure (usually within one hour). If HIGH pressure is present allow to fully cure prior to reintroducing pressure.

  • Can be applied underwater
  • High adhesive power
  • Sticks to wood, stone, metal, concrete & grp
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • Surface can be smoothed with wet gloves
  • Can be worked after curing
  • Hard
  • Liquid-tight
  • High mechanical strength
  • Can be sanded & painted
More Information:

T-FIX is a two component product with a simple mixing ratio of 1:1

Component A is a white thixotropic paste of epoxy resin and filler.

Component B is a black amine hardener paste.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Steadfast T-Fix

Specific mass
Pressure resistance
Tensile strength
Adhesion to concrete
Adhesion to steel
Heat resistance
Layer thickness
1 to 50mm
Min. application temperature
Min. hardening temperature