Brick Restoration Following Removal of Render

Client Name: Morgan Lewis
Location: Leicester
Date of work: May 2020

The Problem

Our client Morgan Lewis started out his career as a bricklayer and has worked his way up to his current position as Construction Project Manager for a Retirement Developer. As a personal side-project, Morgan bought an historic cottage back in December 2017 with a view to extending and restoring it. This was a personal challenge as he hadn’t had much experience with restoration.

The cottage was built in 1880 as four individual, one-up, one-down properties that housed farm workers. In 1970 it was bought by a builder and turned into one house and the period brickwork was rendered to cover up the alterations.

Once the stunning extension was complete, Morgan set about the brick restoration. In Morgan’s own words “When I removed the criminal cement based render the brickwork was in a poor condition. Many of the bricks were broken, the render had pulled the faces off others, mismatched bricks had been used in previous work and the entire facade needed repointing”.

The Solution

Acrows were installed to support the structure and a number of bricks were removed. These were cleaned with acid, pressure washed and any repairs needed were carried out using Total Wall Care Colour Matched Brick Repair Mortar.

Once the facade had been rebuilt, any remaining damaged bricks that hadn’t been removed, were repaired and refaced with the same brick repair mortar.

To get the consistent, clean finish that Morgan required, he then tinted the entire facade using Burnt Orange Total Wall Care Brick Tint.

The restoration was completed by repointing the facade using our lime based Total Wall Care Pointing Mortar.

As you can see from the images the property looks stunning and the restored brickwork looks completely unrecognisable from it’s original condition.

In an email from Morgan he states “There is no way I could have achieved the finish I got without the products from Steadfast. I’m so pleased with it all and I’ve had so many positive comments from people within the local village. The brick tint and lime mortar is the best in the business.”