Resiplast Polyac MMA Resin Primer

Versatile MMA resin primers for POLYAC® systems

Polyac MMA Primer

Resiplast POLYAC® MMA Resin Primer – fast curing methyl methacrylate primers for priming surfaces as part of the Resiplast Elastomeric Membrane system.

POLYAC® MMA resins have high chemical resistance to alkalis, petroleum derivatives, acids, salts and maintenance products.


Resiplast POLYAC® 12 – Resin Primer for concrete, bricks, tiles and other mineral floors.

Resiplast POLYAC® 14 – Versatile Resin Primer for slightly damaged concrete floors, floors with small cracks, asphalt and bituminous membranes.

Resiplast POLYAC® 18 – Resin Primer for wet and damp substrates.

Broadcast POLYAC® MMA primers can be used as fast primers for polyurethane and epoxy floors.
POLYAC® primers exhibit outstanding adhesion to various substrates and their fast reaction and high reactivity allows them to be used at temperatures below zero.

POLYAC® 18 resin primer can be used as concrete protection.

  • High reactivity
  • Fast curing
  • Optimal viscosity
  • Can be applied at low temperatures
  • Apply with roller or brush
More Information:

Polyac® Primers are highly specialist products for professional use only.