Brick Restoration to Victorian Chimney Stack

Location: London
Date of work: July 2017

The Problem

With well over 100 years exposure, the elements had caused extensive damage to the brickwork on a number of chimney stacks on a beautiful Victorian property in London.  Erosion had caused severe damage to the brick faces, there was loose and crumbling pointing and previous attempts to repair the brick faces with a simple sand and cement mortar had become loose allowing water ingress and causing further damage.

The client requested a sample repair to be carried out before instructing a contractor to complete the extensive brick restoration works.

The Solution

After removing all loose and crumbling material, Steadfast’s own Total Wall Care Brick Repair Mortar was applied to the damaged areas.

Once the mortar had sufficiently cured, the surplus mortar was scrapped back with a trowel to match the texture of the existing bricks and the mortar beds were then cut out also with the trowel.

The bed joints were then pointed using Jahn M110 Pointing Mortar.

Total Wall Care Soot Wash Colour Matching Tint was then used to “age” the bricks so that they matched the existing brickwork.

The client was extremely happy and has given the go ahead for the restoration works to be carried out.