Following the passing of our good friend and mentor Heinz Jahn, Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. in the USA purchased and maintains the sole ownership rights to the Jahn products and intellectual property.

Therefore, for any enquiries relating to the Jahn M and Jahn S ranges, please visit Cathedral Stone

Jahn M110 Pointing Mortar is a purely mineral, one-component, ready to use mortar of pure origin, that is free from acrylic and latex bonding agents. The range of pointing mortars have been specially formulated for the restoration of brick, sandstone and limestone mortar joints and particularly in the restoration of historic buildings.

Each mortar is designed to have a lower compressive strength than the surrounding masonry and performs well even in situations where previous mortars have failed due to repeated water and salt saturation.

  • Completely vapour permeable
  • Ready to use – mixes with water
  • Compatible with historic masonry
  • Specific formulas for the restoration of limestone, sandstone and brick mortar joints and can be adjusted for specific requirements
  • High frost, moisture and salt resistance and moisture regulating
  • Non-shrinking
  • Available in standard or custom colours that closely match existing mortar

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