kAlx Pointing and Masonry Mortar is a purely mineral product, composed of hydraulic lime and is excellently suited for repointing brick and stone in non to moderately salt-loaded substrates.

Suitable for use on internal and external applications, our pointing mortar is composed of natural hydraulic lime. It is highly vapour permeable and is available in a range of 28 colours and in super-fine, fine, medium and coarse grades.


kAlx lime-based Pointing and Masonry Mortar undergoes a relatively quick carbonation and hydraulic hardening process. Both hardening processes run parallel and so result in an acceptable strength after only a few days.

In order to obtain an accurate colour match with your existing mortar we highly recommend purchasing the Kalx Pointing Mortar Colour Sample Tray

  • Salt, frost and moisture resistant
  • Moisture regulating
  • Available in fine, medium and coarse grades.
  • Supplied ready to use – just add water
  • Lime based
  • Suitable for repointing brick and stone walls
More Information:

Kalx FAQ

Product Specifications

Technical Characteristics

Application Temp oC
2 - 35
Compression strength (N/mm2)
2.0 - 6.0
Water mixing factor (L/25kg)
5.5 - 6
Volume mixed mortar (ml/kg)
650 - 700
Consumption (kg/m2, 10mm thickness)
13 - 15

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