Grout Free Pinning

The Thor Helical Long Series 12mm CD Wall Tie is a high-tensile stainless steel helical tie used for grout-free pinning.
Grout free pinning enables quick and unobtrusive reconnection and lateral restraint, for example, the reconnecting of facades to perpendicular walls. The wall ties have work-hardened blades that self-tap into brick, block or stone when hammer-driven into 8mm pilot holes. The tie grips the masonry along its entire length to provide a mechanical fixed tension strap that requires no bonding agents.

Although highly effective, traditional methods of reconnecting perpendicular walls using right-angled batt-straps are highly intrusive and result in the need to repair plaster and redecorate.

The grout free wall ties are inserted from outside of the building meaning there is very little internal disruption and the speed of insertion is far faster than reinforcement bars that require a bonding agent. Unlike grouted ties they can also be used in freezing temperatures and in situations where cementitious grouts may cause compatibility issues.