Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Ties

Thor Helical produce three patented helical wall ties that provide a low cost alternative to rebuilding walls where existing wall ties have corroded or are inadequate.

Mechanical Remedial Wall Ties are 9mm, one-piece, stainless steel, helical wall ties. They are hammer driven through small pilot holes and self-tap into brick, block and concrete to provide a mechanical fix that grips the masonry on either side of the cavity.

Resin Fix Wall Ties are stainless steel, helical ties that are chemically bonded into 8-10mm holes on either side of the cavity. Resin fix ties should not be used where fire performance ratings exceed 30 minutes.

Resin/Mechanical Ties are usually used in the construction of timber frame buildings but can also be used to replace cavity wall ties in existing timber frame buildings of up to 4 stories. These 5mm stainless steel ties are flexible and self-tap into the timber frame as they are hammer driven through 6mm clearance holes in the masonry. A chemical bonding agent is then used to provide a secure connection to the masonry.

Thor Helical wall ties have a patented driving shank which removes the need of expensive tooling and are suitable for use in brick, block, stone, concrete and perforated brick.

Thor Helical CD wall ties conform to conditions for CE marking according to BS EN 845-1 2013 and meet the requirements for a Type 2 tie for cavity widths of up to 150mm (brick, block, perforated brick and concrete) and for a Type 3 for cavities of up to 225m wide (aircrete).