Colour Matching Brick, Stone and Mortar Joints

Obtaining An Accurate Colour Match

Customers often email in photographs asking us to advise on what colour of brick tint, mortar tint, brick repair mortar, stone repair mortar or pointing they should purchase. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to obtain an accurate colour match from a photograph. Despite mobile phone and digital cameras being extremely sophisticated, something as simple as a brightness setting on a display could mean the wrong colour is suggested.

At Steadfast we have a number of options for you to overcome this problem.

Complimentary Colour Matching Service

Simply send a small sample of the material that you are attempting to colour match to our lab at the address below. All that is required is a small piece about the size of a 1p coin. Under natural light, we will then compare that with samples of our standard colours for the relevant product to find the closest match possible. We will then advise you what colour to order and you simply decide on the quantity required.

In the event that we do not have a standard colour that closely matches your sample it might be possible to create a custom colour at an additional cost.

Please send your samples to: The Yard, Orchard Cottage, Cary Fitzpaine, Somerset, BA22 8JB and please remember to include your name and contact details.

Colour Matching Sample Trays

If you are regularly involved in colour matching bricks, stone and/or mortar then you should consider purchasing our Colour Matching Sample Trays. These are available for our Total Wall Care Range of Brick Repair and Pointing Mortars, our lime-based Restoration Mortar Range for Stone Repair, Pointing and Helical Bar Encapsulation Grout and our HelicalFix Cementitious Grout.

The boxes contain actual samples of all of the standard colours that are available. Each stick of 4 colours can be taken out of the box and held up against the original material to obtain the most accurate colour match.

Colour Matching Brick & Stone Repair Mortars

Our repair mortars are available in a wide range of standard colours that closely match the most common colours of brick and stone used in construction.


In the event that we do not have an appropriate standard colour that closely matches the material being repaired it might be possible to create a custom coloured mortar.

A small sample of the brick or stone being repaired is all that we need in order to adjust a repair mortar to closely match the original material.


Brick & Stone Tinting

Due to the shortage of old bricks and original materials matching old masonry with new masonry is an increasing challenge in the construction, repair and building restoration industries.

Brick Tinting

The technique of using silicate based tints to stain brick, stone, concrete, mortar joints and other masonry surfaces has been in existence for over 50 years. The continued development of this technique has produced solutions that allow for twenty to thirty year warranties. In the development and sourcing of our own product Steadfast have seen examples of colour matching that date back to the 1980’s, that have aged effectively with the original substrate.

The specially developed silicate base solution is vapour permeable allowing the substrate to continue to behave naturally. The base solution is combined with mineral pigments to create a tinting solution that can darken, lighten and even completely change the colour of brick, stone and any semi-permeable building material.

Unlike paints and coatings, our tints penetrate into the substrate creating a durable bond and effectively becoming one.