HelicalFix - Long Helical Bars

High tensile stainless steel, long helical bars used for bed joint reinforcement.


HelicalFix long helical bars are used to form load bearing brick beams to strengthen and stabilise damaged masonry structures.

Using thixotropic, cementitious grout, the high tensile, stainless steel brick reinforcement bars are concealed within slots cut into mortar beds at predetermined levels to form deep masonry beams that span areas of poor support.

The retrofitted masonry beams are particularly effective at carrying and redistributing vertical loads over areas of localised foundation movement and over failed lintels.

  • Available in lengths up to 10m and in diameters of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9mm
    • Standard 6mm x 10m bars are available from our webshop. Please call for alternative sizes.
  • Conform to BS EN 845-1: 2013 and conditions for CE Marking for strapping masonry together
  • High tensile strength of 1050-1200M/mm2 – Twice that of rebar (See BRE GBG62)
  • Redistribute vertical loads
  • Deliver high tensile reinforcement with unique torsional elastic yield characteristics
  • Minimal cost and disruption to install
  • Can increase flexural capacity of walls
More Information:

HelicalFix bars are available in AISI304 grade Austenitic Stainless Steel. AISI316 stainless bars are available on special request. The helical bars are supplied in the following standard sizes

  • Lengths: 7.0m, 8.0m, and 10.0m
  • Diameter: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 9mm

HelicalFix FAQ

Product Specifications

TYPICAL PERFORMANCE LOADS for concealed strapping (taken from CE Mark Testing)

BS EN 845-1:2013 National Annex NA states that the bars need to provide an equivalent performance to the prescriptive 30mm x 5mm lateral restraint straps and the tension straps should have a declared tensile load capacity of at least 8kN

Bar Diameter & Number of Bars Per Joint
Tension Load
6mm Single Bar
7mm Single Bar
8mm Single Bar
9mm Single Bar
6mm Double Bar
7mm Double Bar
8mm Double Bar
5mm Triple Bar

Single bars bedded 20mm deep: Double bars placed 15 & 25mm deep: Triple bars buried 10, 20 & 30mm deep. Height of slot cut at least 3mm greater than diameter of the helical bars. Depth of slot cut to 35-40mm. Bars bedded at least 400mm beyond crack. Bars bonded with thixotropic, cementitious grout.


*See downloads below for full Performance Tables and Mechanical Properties.