Brick Repair Mortar

A range of pre-coloured, natural repair mortars specially developed for brick repair and restoration.

Brick Repair Kit 265px

Total Wall Care Brick Repair has been developed to enable both professionals and competent DIY’ers to carry out the repair and restoration of brick.

Available in a range of common brick colours, this specialist, lime-based brick repair mortar is ready to use once mixed with water.  The mortar is extremely workable enabling the recreation of contours and profiles as well as surface textures.

Available in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg kits in the following colours:

  • Hamstone Yellow
  • Old London Yellow
  • Old London Stock
  • Burnt Orange
  • Traditional Brick Red
  • Rustic Brick Red
  • Old London Red
  • Classic Plum
  • Coffee Brown
  • Rich Brown
  • Carbon Black

1kg of repair mortar will cover approximately 1 square metre at a thickness of 10mm.

More Information:

A custom colour matching service is available on request.