Crack Repair Injection Kit

A range of pre-coloured, ready to use, natural repair mortars for crack repair in brick

Crack Repair Injection Kit - Burnt Orange

Total Wall Care Colour Matching Injection Kits have been developed to enable both professionals and competent DIY’ers to carry out crack repair in brick.

Available in a range of common brick colours, this specialist, lime-based crack injection mortar is ready to use once mixed with water. The mortar is extremely workable enabling the recreation of existing surface textures.


Each kit contains 250g of pre-coloured crack injection mortar and a syringe with extension tube. Simply mix the dry mortar with water and inject into the crack using the syringe.

Available in the following colours:

Hamstone Yellow
Old London Yellow
Old London Stock
Burnt Orange
Traditional Brick Red
Rustic Brick Red
Old London Red
Classic Plum
Coffee Brown
Rich Brown
Carbon Black


More Information:

A custom colour matching service is available on request.