Crack Repair Injection Kit

A range of pre-coloured, ready to use, natural repair mortars for crack repair in brick

Crack Repair Injection Kit - Burnt Orange

Total Wall Care Colour Matching Injection Kits have been developed to enable both professionals and competent DIY’ers to carry out crack repair in brick.

Available in a range of common brick colours, this specialist, lime-based crack injection mortar is ready to use once mixed with water. The mortar is extremely workable enabling the recreation of existing surface textures.


Each kit contains 250g of pre-coloured crack injection mortar and a syringe with extension tube. Simply mix the dry mortar with water and inject into the crack using the syringe.

Available in the following colours:

Hamstone Yellow
Old London Yellow
Old London Stock
Burnt Orange
Traditional Brick Red
Rustic Brick Red
Old London Red
Classic Plum
Coffee Brown
Rich Brown
Carbon Black


More Information:

A custom colour matching service is available on request.

Total Wall Care FAQ

Please note, due to variations in camera lenses and display screens, it is impossible for us to give accurate colour matching recommendations from photographs. However, we are more than happy to receive a small sample of the material that you are trying to match. Simply send a small piece, at least the size of a 1p coin, with your full contact details to:

Steadfast Specialist Products Ltd, The Yard, Orchard Cottage, Cary Fitzpaine, Somerset, BA22 8JB