Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tints

For brick tinting and staining natural stone and mortar beds without altering their physical properties or texture.

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Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tints have been developed to enable both the competent DIYer and professional contractor to carry out brick tinting without changing the physical properties or the texture of the material.

Available in a wide range of colours, the water glass solution stains the brick to form a permanent, inseparable, vapour permeable bond which allows the substrate to breathe.  Can also be used on porous natural stone, concrete and mortar beds.

Our ready to use brick matching tints are available in handy 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers of pre-mixed solution. Each litre of solution can be diluted to create a maximum of 3L of brick dye.

Also available in 75ml, non-permanent, sample pots allowing the user to carry out test brick staining for colour matching that can then be removed with a pressure washer**.

Available in the following standard colours:

  • Hamstone Yellow
  • Old London Yellow
  • Old London Stock
  • Burnt Orange
  • Traditional Brick Red
  • Rustic Brick Red
  • Old London Red
  • Classic Plum
  • Coffee Brown
  • Rich Brown
  • Carbon Black
  • Soot Wash – for replicating ageing and carbonation.

*A custom, colour-matching service is also available on request.

The pre-coloured, “liquid-glass” tinting solution can be diluted with water to a maximum ratio of 1 part tint to 2 parts water to obtain different shades.

Unlike paint which coats the surface and stops it from breathing, Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tints stain the material to form a permanent, inseparable, vapour permeable bond which retains both its texture and natural characteristics. Allowing walls to breathe is extremely important to prevent issues with damp.

Total Wall Care Colour Matching Tint can be used on any porous building material such a brick, natural stone, mortar joints and concrete.  It is unsuitable for “closed” materials such as engineering bricks and marble or any waterproof surfaces or surfaces that have previously been treated with waterproofing.

To check whether your brick or stone is suitable for colour staining simply splash a small amount of water onto the surface.  If the water beads up and runs off, the material cannot be stained.  If it remains wet it can.


More Information:

** The 75ml Sample pots do not contain a fixative and will only provide a temporary tint.  Following application, the test area should be washed with water, preferably using a pressure washer – especially on textured bricks.  Due to the fine pigment particles contained within the brick tint solution, some small residue may remain in heavily textured areas or crevices.