HelicalFix Crack Stitching Kits

Crack stitching kits for reconnecting and repairing cracks in walls

HelicalFix Helical Bar Crack Stitching Kit 265px

The HelicalFix Crack Stitching Kit is the only kit on the market that includes coloured pointing mortar to provide an invisible repair to cracked walls.

Kit comprises of 10 x 6mm x 1mm high-tensile stainless steel helical bars, Heligrout masonry repair grout and 2Kg Total Wall Care coloured pointing mortar in a choice of colours.

HelicalFix Crack Stitching Kits contain the materials needed for reconnecting and repairing cracks in brick, block and stone walls.

  • 10 x 6mm x 1m High tensile, stainless steel helical crack stitching bars
  • 6kg Helicalfix® Heligrout masonry repair grout. Specially formulated for encapsulating helical bar and bonding it to masonry.
  • Total Wall Care® Coloured Pointing Mortar – A lime-based pointing mortar in a choice of colours and grades.

A series of helical bars are inserted into slots cut into the bed joints and extend 500mm either side of the crack at 450mm centres. The bars stitch the masonry either side of the crack back together and are bonded into the wall using Heligrout, a polymer modified, thixotropic, cementitious injection grout that does not shrink. Due to the high fin profile and deep continuous deep trough helix the bar forms an excellent bond with the grout. The crack is also deeply filled with grout to restore its strength.

The bed joint can then be repointed with the Total Wall Care Coloured Pointing Mortar to provide an invisible repair.

A standard 10 bar crack stitching kit will repair a crack up to 4.5m long.