Following the passing of our good friend and mentor Heinz Jahn, Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. in the USA purchased and maintains the sole ownership rights to the Jahn products and intellectual property.

Therefore, for any enquiries relating to the Jahn M and Jahn S ranges, please visit Cathedral Stone

Jahn M100 Brick Repair Mortar is a mineral-based, single-component mortar that is supplied ready to mix with water. Containing no acrylic or latex bonding agents or additives, M100 is vapour permeable, allowing water, water vapour and salts to reach the surface. This protects the substrate from failure due to freeze/thaw cycles and salt expansion.

Available in a range of laboratory engineered variants to match the physical properties of the substrate being repaired.

  • Brick Repair
  • Terracotta Repair

* NB. Both variants are neutral in colour.

  • Engineered in the lab, proven in the field
  • Single component mixes with water only
  • No synthetic bonding agents – vapour permeable
  • High frost, moisture and salt resistance and salt and moisture regulating
  • Non-shrinking and easy to apply
  • Scientifically controlled – no on-site chemistry resulting in product variation
  • Available in a wide range of standard colours. Custom colours available on request. Closely match existing masonry.
  • Laboratory engineered to match the physical properties of existing masonry. Ensures that the repair mortar and substrate react to the environment in the same way.

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