Mix 'n' Match 3 Pack

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Mix 'n' Match 3 Pack

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Mix 'n' Match 3 Pack

Select Colour - Pot 3


For a full description of Total Wall Care Brick Tint please click or tap here.

Total Wall Care Colour Matching Brick Tint has been developed to enable both the competent DIYer and professional contractor to carry out brick tinting without changing the physical properties, texture or character of the original material.

Our multi-packs are the ideal solution for colour matching walls where the original bricks are of multiple colours or where bricks are aged with soot or lime.

Each 300ml pot can be diluted to a maximum ratio of 1 part tint to 2 parts water to lighten the shade and provide up to 900ml.

Simply select each of the three colours you want in the drop down boxes above.


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